IMEI: xxxxxxxxx

The last 6 digits of the IMEI number. The 15-digit IMEI number can be read from the Geonavi e-toll device.

SERIAL: xxxxx

The last 6 digits of the serial number. The serial number can be read from the Geonavi e-toll device.

Welcome to the application for registering a new e-toll Geonavi device.

Please prepare:

1. Both serial and IMEI numbers of the installed device
2. Vehicle registration number

3. If your company does not have an account in the Geonavi system and you are installing your first device, prepare the data needed to set up a new account:
3.1 Tax Identification Number and company name
3.2 Company address
3.3 Create a company identification name needed to login to Geonavi
3.4 Create a master password to log into the Geonavi system (master user)
3.5 An active e-mail address and phone number for the communication of the application with the operator of your vehicles (notifications, billing, account balance, etc. will be sent there)

4. If you already have an account at Geonavi and you are installing a second or subsequent device, please prepare:
4.1 Geonavi company ID
4.2 Geonavi username and password

After successful registration of devices, you can further manage and personalize them in the Geonavi application. Find the “log in” button and provide your company name, username and password.

By proceeding with the registration process, the user agrees to the processing of the provided data for the purposes of the e-toll system,and in particular to the sharing of these data and data from the recorder to the KAS, PUESC and E-TOLL systems administered by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance.
Providing incorrect data may result in the application malfunctioning.